Company Overview

Automate was founded with the vision of effectively integrating emerging technologies in the Automation and information Systems industries.

Company Overview

During the start-up period, the company focused on providing effective solutions integrating emerging technologies in the Automation and information systems industries. 
Our 24 Hours availability to provide services and support became the hallmark of the organization.

As the company grew, we successfully acquired and executed several large integration projects that enhanced our reputation in the market.

Automate, founded in 2013 as the engineering division of Itec, has the flexibility to meet each client’s requirements by assembling teams of experts with the knowledge and ability to deliver superior results. From initial design and consultation, through custom system development, commissioning and ongoing support.

Automate’s fundamental business strategy is building long-term client relationships. As a young and innovative engineering company, managed by individuals that have proven they can make projects successful, we have attracted and retained clients by providing superior customer value; The combination of a loyal client base, top talents and steady growth enables us to prosper in diverse markets.