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Delta Robot

With their spindly arms and quick motion, spiders are amongst the quickest and most efficient assemblers in nature.
Delta robots are similar in current and future industries where fast, reliable and accurate motions are needed.
This parallel-link robot, where the major axes are mechanically connected in parallel, provides great motion
advantages with explosive speed, accelerations and high duty cycle.

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Analytics Software

Whether deployed locally or on the cloud, Automate IIoT & Analytics collects data from the various sensors installed on premise and performs real time analytics providing the factory managers with valuable
information about the status and health of the running equipment as well as detailed performance assessment of the factory operations.

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Wind Turbine

Wind turbines are clean power harvesters converting the kinetic energy of the wind into electric power by rotating about their either vertical (VAWT) or horizontal axis (HAWT).
The VAWT developed by Automate is custom-made to suit the installation location wind regimes even at low wind speeds.
These vertical axis systems outperform the tradition large HAWTs in urban regions with turbulent wind profiles due to their ability to run smoothly, independently from the wind direction. 

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