Wind Turbine

Do not let that wind pass unused!

Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

Wind turbines are harvesters of free and unlimited power converting the kinetic energy of the wind into electric energy by rotating about their either vertical (VAWT) or horizontal axis (HAWT). The Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT) newly developed by AUTOMATE promises a variety of innovative solutions towards clean power generation.


  • Integrating environmental solutions conforming the worldwide urge
  • Feeding the need for electricity in remote regions
  • Custom-made to suit the installation location wind regimes
  • Respecting wildlife that can avoid VAWTs better than they do with the traditional HAWT


  • Up to 150 kW per unit installed
  • Smooth run in urban regions with turbulent wind profiles
  • Omnidirectional operation, independent from the wind direction
  • Operation at low wind speeds ranging from 0.8 m/s to 52 m/s
  • Reliability and simplicity of operation, completely automatic
  • Light and robust materials, resistant to climatic conditions
  • High efficiency due to its improved blades’ aerodynamic design
  • A modern and aesthetic design
  • Silent operation (< 36 dB)
  • An easy integration on already built structures
  • Ease of maintenance, upgrade or relocation
  • An improved mechanical brake design

Additional Optional Features

  • The possibility to directly tie it to the grid or feed into a battery storage system
  • An optimized Battery Management System reducing the power loss and extending the battery’s lifespan.
  • Remote monitoring through mobile phone or web-based controlling systems

Wind Turbine

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